We are a Gangsta Rap Label and Tech Startup that formed in May 2022 in Atlanta, GA, where we will be operating our recording studio. Along with Recording Artist Contracts and all the benefits that come with that, we are developing a new record label model and platform that will give undiscovered producers, beat makers and rappers an opportunity to make a living doing what they love. Major Labels are dope and all, much respect, and they do what they gotta do. STR8 Slap will take care of the 99%.

Kenneth McClain Jr.

CEO | Co-founder

Kenneth McClain Jr. is an American rapper and producer under the stage name, Yolla Chri$t, currently out of Atlanta, Georgia.  Born and raised in Stockton, California, Kenneth started his music career at the age of eleven, having since written and produced well over a thousand tracks during his 20-year career.  Influenced heavily by gangs and violence growing up, his music is a collection of stories of what it's like living in that culture, and is still to this day, his inspiration for creating music.  Despite the drugs and gang violence he spent most of his youth in, Kenneth is also a comedic genius and loves to make people to laugh, especially in his music, where he often speaks in innuendos and cryptic word play.  In his words, "I'm funny because I see the darker side of what life can be like and I've just used humor as a way to cheer people up around me."  

Now, Kenneth is turning all of his energy and focus towards helping inner-city youth get a real chance at having a music career, and starting a record label is just the beginning.  He says, "There's something missing. Everyone is missing that thing, but I see it. I know what's missing and we are going to change the game for real. I'm talking like creating real jobs in the music industry that do not exist right now. "  After hours of pressing him about what "that thing" is, he wouldn't  budge on revealing his master plan, but he did suggest that it had something to do with making real recording studios readily available to inner-city youth.